Effective Communication

Hello and welcome to the corner of cyberspace formerly occupied by the language school/training company that was JMJ Training & Development. It has now become the personal website of that organisation’s founder, Georgina Kirk. If you’ve arrived here on purpose because you know me, thank you for looking me up. The main reason for keeping the domain name was so I could keep the email addresses associated with it, so do please get in touch and tell me what you’ve been up to. If you’ve arrived here directed by a search engine, you are equally welcome and I hope you’ll find something on this site to interest you.

Coach and consultant in effective communication Georgina KirkEffective communication has always been a passion of mine. I’m interested in language, in foreign languages and in how humans interact with each other. I’m also fascinated by the psychological side of how we express ourselves and relate to others. In the years since I closed JMJ to go travelling, I’ve learnt an enormous amount about myself and the world and my plan is to explore on this website some of the insights and ideas that have come to me, in case anyone reading may find them useful.

Currently, I’m excited about the concept that, to a great extent, fear is fear, regardless of its cause, and thus overcoming it in one area can help reduce it in other areas. What I mean is, if I’m afraid of heights, of the dark and of conflict, tackling one of these can help me with all of them. I’m testing this hypothesis by challenging myself in a variety of ways – and I’ll report back on the results :-)

What prompted this research was partly having been through a quite severe depression and wanting to identify ways of helping other people whose lives are afflicted by mental illness and anxiety (fear is only one aspect of this but it’s one of the fundamentals). The parallel impetus is that I’m constantly exhorting my clients to push themselves and to face down their demons and I want to deepen my understanding of the mechanics of fear, so as to be able to offer them better and better advice.

Although I enjoy the occasional ad-hoc course, I no longer teach languages on a regular basis. The aforementioned clients are being coached in public speaking, lecturing, training, how to make an impact and the right impression at an interview, a business pitch, in a debate or discussion or any other type of meeting. I have other websites to reflect all this:

Put Yourself Across is my most recent website, bringing together all the interwoven aspects of what I do as a consultant and coach in effective communication.

Public Speaking Skills has grown into a pretty hefty resource for anyone looking for help with making a speech or presentation.

Effective Teaching and Training addresses the teaching, training and lecturing side of what I do. This site needs more work, as and when time allows, but I’m particularly pleased with the ebook I wrote to accompany it, 22 Top Tips for Teachers, Trainers and Lecturers. I put a great deal of thought and care into it and I like to think it’s really useful for anyone who teaches, trains or lectures to adults. (I’ve written an ebook about public speaking too and, while it gives some valuable advice, I’m thinking I’d like to revise and update it slightly before I go overboard recommending it here.)

As time goes by this, the former JMJ website, too will become a source of worthwhile information on the various facets of effective communication – or that’s my plan. For now, I’m leaving it at that because I’m about to set off on another adventure, but please check back soon because in a few weeks there will be a lot more to see.